COVID-19 safety protocols, September 2021

 In Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

The dance studio has returned to most normal functions and services including water bottle refill, complimentary tea station, book and toy shelf, and the use of sports and training equipment. Families are allowed back in to accompany their dancers to class. Dancers and families may enter as they wish and no longer need to look for the ‘clean’ or ‘wait’ signs.

To make sure our dance studio continues to be a safe place but also support the return to normal operations, we have updated our COVID-19 protocols to reflect the current legislation and best practices set out by the province of Nova Scotia. Please note that this plan is accurate as of September 29, 2021.

Restrictions and protocols

Until October 4, hand sanitizing upon entry and exit is required, and families are asked to space themselves from others. After October 4, sanitizing and distancing are no longer required, but are still encouraged. Both before, and after October 4, masks are required in the building and may only be removed by dancers and coaches during lesson time.

At any time, dancers and families should stay home if they are unwell or have potentially contagious symptoms.

Proof of vaccination

In keeping with Nova Scotia Public Health’s guidelines, all participants, siblings and caregivers that enter our facility are required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 by October 4 to continue to participate in our programs. Dancers/families that join Rising Tide after October 4 will be required to provide proof at the time of registration. Full vaccination is required with approved Health Canada vaccines.

Who needs to send proof (nearly everyone!):

  • Any dancers aged 12+ must provide proof of their own vaccination
  • Any dancers aged <12 must provide proof of vaccination for all parents/and or responsible care givers living in their home
  • Any parents, siblings or guests that may enter the studio or attend Rising Tide events. To make things easier later, we are asking all parents, care givers and siblings (12+) that do drop-offs or even might need to come into the studio or attend an event to provide proof of vaccination

Children who turned/will turn 12 between January 1 and October 4, 2021 can attend until December 31, 2021 without proof of vaccination to give them time to vaccinate. Children who turn 12 on October 4 or afterwards have three months from their birthdays to continue without vaccination.

Vaccine documentation will not be stored. Rising Tide will maintain a record of who has provided proof unless otherwise requested not to. This will allow our regular dance families to only show proof once, rather than at each time they attend the studio.

If you do not intend to be vaccinated as of October 4 (or your start date for new registrants), or show proof, please reach out to us to discuss options moving forward.

All of Rising Tide’s coaches and teaching staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Can I wait in the community room while my dancer is in class?
Yes. However, masks and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 are required for all visitors to Rising Tide. Until October 4, families are asked to limit the number of people that accompany dancers during this time. Dancers and coaches may remove their masks once they enter the dance studio space during lessons.

Are you practicing physical distancing?
Physical distancing is no longer practiced during dance lessons. As restrictions have loosened, and dancers and coaches in each class are consistent week to week, physical distancing is not required during dance instruction. Until October 4, care will be taken as classes change over to avoid crowding and families in the community room are asked to space themselves from others accordingly. From October 4 forward, people can move freely about the space but are still encouraged to be mindful of other people’s space and belongings.

How do I know when to come into the building?
Previously, we used a ‘clean’ and ‘wait’ sign system to let people know when it was ok to enter the building. We are no longer following this practice and dancers and families may enter as they wish during operating hours.

What if my dancer must miss class because they’re ill or because of travel?
Our standard payment policy remains in place regardless of COVID-19-related illness or otherwise. Dancers that pay the term fee are not entitled to refunds or make-ups for missed classes, regardless of the reason. If you’re concerned about missing class because of illness or travel plans, consider paying by drop-in fees.

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