Academy Handbook

At Rising Tide, you’re not just joining a dance school, you’re joining a community. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best Irish dance instruction in Atlantic Canada. Equally, we work hard to ensure our dancers, and their families, have the best experience possible too.


We created a handbook for members of the Rising Tide community. Divided into sections, it contains information about Rising Tide, Irish dance, a dancer’s guide, exams and feiseanna and equipment/costuming.


  • Accepted products document: guidance on what shoes and socks are acceptable for dance classes at Rising Tide
  • Soft shoe tying instruction videos: example 1, example 2, example 3 (laces should never go under arch, or high up leg; keep laces neat and low below ankles and tuck bows into sides; see handbook for additional guidance)
  • Make-up and hair tutorials: video tutorials for stage make-up and wigs are available for Rising Tide dancers and families. Please login to Members only for access.
  • Make-up kit: Rising Tide maintains a fully-stocked make-up kit that dancers may use for performances and competitions. Please login to Members only for access.
  • Members Only: Registered dancers and families also gain access to our Members Only page which includes resources on fitness and training, instructional videos, music and more.
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