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At Rising Tide, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional dance training in Halifax through expert coaching, purpose-built dance studio space and endless passion for Irish dance. Our instructors are not just dance teachers; they’re dance coaches. And as coaches, we’re there for our dancers every step of the way, supporting them inside and outside of the dance studio and classes to reach their full potential. Don’t forget to be awesome.

  • "I feel lucky to have found Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy when I moved to Halifax. Becky and Laura are an energetic dynamic duo who care deeply about Rising Tide dancers, technique and improvement, Irish culture and the Irish dance community. As a former competitive dancer, they welcomed me to their studio with open arms. They challenge me to push myself and I look forward to going to the studio every week. I have made new friends and even reconnected with old dance friends. Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy is a wonderful school that I am grateful to be a part of."

    Alexa, adult dancer
  • "Our daughter loves Becky and the team - a fantastic place to begin her Irish Dance Journey! They're a dedicated bunch to their dancers and the community around it."

    Sarah, dance parent
  • "Rising Tide has provided a wonderful experience for my daughter who was a brand new dancer this year. Her instructors provided a fun environment for her to start experiencing the music and the steps, in addition to helping burn off some toddler energy. She now regularly asks to go to dance class to see her teachers and loves watching the big kids practice and perform."

    Katie, dance parent
  • "Our daughter, Ellie was 4 years old when we found Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy. As a toddler she always had a little ‘jig’ in her step when she danced or skipped around. We knew we had to find some sort of Celtic dance that matched her love for music and natural step. Luckily we found RTIDA and we were instantly hooked to their studio and positive, safe, encouraging and welcoming environment. Becky, Laura and all of the coaches are incredible role models and supports to Ellie and she has grown stronger and more confident, not only in her dancing, but in her growth and development as a young girl. We can’t thank this school enough for helping Ellie find a passion in Irish dance, that we know will continue for a lifetime!"

    Jessie, dance parent
  • "Fabulous school with incredibly dedicated teachers. Positive, motivational instruction, great choreography tailored to dancer's strengths. Super fun beginner classes for all ages. Goal-oriented advanced classes pushing limits, and helping dancers to reach their full potential."

    Meggie, community member
  • "Incredible, supportive, fun community! Every class is a blast, and we're encouraged to push our limits and overcome challenges whether that's learning our new steps, feeling more confident in class, or competing again if that's what we want to do. Becky and Laura are amazing, and all of the coaches make our dance experience so wonderful. Highly recommend for dancers of all ages and dance experience levels!"

    Sophie, adult dancer
  • "My son, Jack, has grown in his musicality and athleticism through the careful guidance of Becky, Laura, and all of the wonderful coaches. With careful attention to warming up and cooling down age-appropriate activities, Jack has been able to take risks and develop his skills and endurance in a safe environment. We would highly recommend this school as they have a serious focus and commitment to the whole child and provide wonderful instruction in Irish dance."

    Joanne, dance parent
  • "Becky and Laura strive for excellence, inclusion and continuous growth and improvement in everything they do. Overall a wonderful environment for students and I am so happy to have my daughter involved in such a positive, growth-minded dance school. They provide excellent opportunities for ALL dancers. The studio was professionally built to the highest standards for dancers. If you're considering getting a child (or yourself) involved in Irish dance, Rising Tide is best in class."

    Liz, dance parent
  • "My daughter is a student at Rising Tide and I can honestly say we couldn’t have chosen a better school. Becky and Laura are absolutely amazing with the kids. They give so much of themselves and far exceed any expectations I have. If you or someone you know is looking to start Irish dancing this school should definitely be your first choice."

    Jackie, dance parent
  • "This dance school has fantastic, dedicated coaches and a world class studio space. Classes from tots to adults are so much fun!"

    Lisa, adult dancer
  • "We love Rising Tide! Our dancer has learned so much both on and off the floor. Becky and Laura are supportive, knowledgeable teachers while being wonderful role models. They train the whole dancer, mentally and physically with an eye to injury prevention and excellent technique. They put so much thought into their new studio, a sprung floor, positive messaging, creating a space where dancers are ready to spring to the next level!"

    Anonymous, dance parent
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