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“Celtic culture has played an immense part in the world of music and dance. Its rich traditions are passed down from generation to generation, and it is important to preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage of Scotland and Ireland. However, it is also important to explore the new and evolving world of 21st-century Celtic music and dance. A new generation of Celtic dancers and musicians is upon us. We wish to create a project that brings to life these people who are changing the way we see and listen to Celtic performance arts.

We are creating a documentary featuring top young musicians and dancers who are finding new ways to keep the Celtic heritage alive. Our aim is to create a project to inspire others to engage in Celtic arts and culture. We wish to inspire not only those in the Celtic community, but those in the larger world, and to share the beauty and soul of the Celtic heritage in all its new and exciting forms.”

That is the description for The Celtic Arts. They came through Nova Scotia in the summer and sat down to talk Irish dancing with our coach, Laura Hopper TCRG ADCRG. Check out the preview clip below.

Exclusive Interview with Laura Hopper

We had the wonderful opportunity to Interview and film Irish dancer Laura Hopper from Halifax Nova Scotia.
Note: HD viewing is available on the button below.

Posted by The Celtic Arts on Wednesday, 10 October 2018

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