Newfoundland is on the (Irish dance) map

 In Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

We are so happy to share that we’ve been granted remote teaching status for our partnership with Mount Pearl School of Dance (MPSD) in Newfoundland. This is a big leap forward for Irish dance in Newfoundland – a part of our region that currently has no registered CLRG schools or teachers despite the province’s significant Irish ancestry.

So what does this mean?

In order for dancers to attend CLRG dance events, a registered teacher must be present at all classes. In newly developing Irish dance areas however this can be challenging, leading to slow, if not stalled, growth. In those cases, remote status is sometimes granted to provide a temporary exemption to this rule. This removes a big barrier to participation and gives dancers in up-and-coming areas access to feiseanna and exams. This in turn helps them grow and increases their knowledge of Irish dance more quickly and proficiently.

Our partnership with MPSD started when our school was only months new and Mount Pearl superstar teacher, Beth Hartling, reached out. She had done a bit of Irish dance, we had done a lot, and a great friendship through mentorship and partnership was quickly formed.

Even before we met her, Beth had already created an amazing environment for her students to learn Irish dance. She is committed, and persistent, in continually developing their Irish dance skills as well as her own. Since meeting, we have worked with her students, her teachers and her in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. MPSD dancers have passed nearly 160 grade exams, attended The Irish Dance Festival in County Louth and will soon be competing in their first ever feiseanna and Oireachtas events. We are so proud of our Rising Tiders on the rock. 

One of the great things about Irish dance is that it can mean different things to different people and is enjoyed for many reasons. But this relationship reminds us of a few unifying factors for all Irish dancers: growing as people, forming lasting relationships and a love of Irish dance.

Many thanks to our colleagues at CLRG and the Irish Dance Teachers Association of Eastern Canada executive for supporting this request.

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