Inaugural Tide Pride Award

 In Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

At Rising Tide, we work hard to create a fun, spirited and supportive community for everyone at Rising Tide. Each year our coaches sign codes of conduct, and we ask our dancers to do the same. We ask our dancers to come to class with a positive mindset, set goals that will challenge them, support their classmates, and demonstrate good sportsmanship, win or lose.

Time and again, our dancers demonstrate these qualities in spades, offering feedback to a classmate, congratulating a competitor, offering a helping hand, or working diligently towards their goals. This year, we wanted to celebrate all the wonderful things our dancers do to make our community awesome, so we created the Tide Pride Award. This annual award will go to the dancer who best exemplifies Rising Tide’s values.

This year, we could think of no one more deserving to be our inaugural Tide Pride recipient than Padraig Gallagher. Padraig is the first to offer a kind word to his classmates, celebrate their victories, and step up to help without even being asked. At the Montreal Feis a few weeks ago, he helped carry the podium inside when it started raining, and as we watched championship awards, congratulated every dancer he saw (even though he didn’t know any of them). Win or lose, Padraig always has a big smile on his face, and finds joy in every dancing moment.

Congratulations Padraig, we’re so glad to be dancing with you!
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