Connor Russellcoach

    Started coaching at Rising Tide: 2018

    What Connor loves about Irish dance: It’s unique in the world of dance, how it’s not all about sharpness and control like ballet, or just fancy footwork like you’d see in jazz and tap dance. The style of Irish dance compliments itself and taught me the balance of strength and grace when I dance, no matter the shoe I’m wearing!

    What Connor loves about coaching: Being able to see the joy my students have for Irish dance, watching them grow and push themselves to accomplish their goals, and most importantly getting my dancers to have fun and appreciate themselves for their hard work!

    Connor’s favourite Irish dance memory: Competition trips always left me with the most amazing and memorable moments in my dance career. I think my most proud moment would have to be my first North American Irish Dance Championships trip, when I had that “finally, all the hard work has paid off” moment in dance. That trip holds a special place in my heart, being a reminder to myself why I fell in love with Irish dance in the first place, and to appreciate all the hard work that I put into it.

    Something dancers are likely to hear Connor say in class: I’m not one to really have a “catchphrase” of sorts, it’s pretty often you’ll hear me abruptly drop a few octaves in my voice and shout “TRUE!” when one of my fellow coaches makes a great point!

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