Blaire McKenziecoach and choreographer

    Started coaching at Rising Tide: 2023

    What Blaire loves about Irish dance: I love how ever changing the sport of Irish dance is. There’s always a new way to grow and expand your creativity. I also love how we’re all one big community. You can travel anywhere in the world, and if you meet another Irish dancer, you instantly connect in such a special and unique way.

    What Blaire loves about coaching: I love that feeling when you’re helping someone work on a certain move and then it finally clicks! It’s so exciting figuring out what works for each dancer, how they learn, and helping them grow into the dancer they want to be!

    Blaire’s favourite Irish dance memory: This is such a hard choice but I’d have to say the first year I qualified for Worlds. I had come back off an injury and a bit of a dance hiatus, and then finally achieved my lifelong dance goal. Running off stage and having all my friends from class hug me was the icing on the cake!

    Something dancers are likely to hear Blaire say in class: “Instead of explaining it. I’m just going to dance it” or “You slayed that!”

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