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After great feedback and a number of requests from dancers and families, we are changing providers for team wear at Rising Tide. We are pleased to share that we have engaged both Malley Sport and Golden Silkscreening & Embroidery going forward.

More details on how to order are below but please note that the online shop order period for Malley Sport gear is a limited time opportunity and ends August 20.

FAQs about the change in clothing providers

Why are you changing providers?
There are two main reasons we are changing providers. The first is that SpreadShirt, our current provider, is based in the USA and shipping and duty prices were significant. The second is that we received many requests from dancers and families for more high-end/professional looking options, specifically Malley Sport.

Is SpreadShirt staying open?
No. Our SpreadShirt shop will be closed. However, many of the styles of clothing will be repeated in one of the new shops. We invite you to purchase the new items but also feel free to continue wearing designs you already own.

What will each of the new companies offer?
Both vendors will provide clothing that is specifically branded to Rising Tide so dancers can continue to show their Tide Pride.

Malley Sport will create what we’re calling kit/competitive team wear. Their clothing options are sleek, bold and great for wearing to competitions or class. These are more expensive garments, however, they’re also very high quality and very striking. Golden Silkscreening & Embroidery will be for more of what think of as dance class clothing. Think sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. These are a lower cost item and products will be similar to what is currently available on SpreadShirt. 

Dancers will continue to be required to have a fitting RTIDA blue tshirt at all times and those will be continue to be offered through Rising Tide.

Will we be able to order clothing anytime we want?
Yes and no. Unlike SpreadShirt which is open all year round, both of our new vendors will open for set periods of time (approximately two weeks) a couple times each year. During those windows of time, people can order as they wish. All items will be shipped to Rising Tide directly for distribution. Note, there are some order minimums that need to be met so stores will only open a few times each year to help meet those.

Malley Sport is currently open for orders. Golden Silkscreening & Embroidery will open later in fall and we will communicate those dates later on.

Is the clothing only for dancers?
Definitely not. In fact, we would love to see family members and friends showing their Tide Pride too. Team wear is a fun way to do something together as a community so all are invited to take part. Especially for those families that travel to compete, it’s a nice way to show off that you are representing Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada!

Are dancers required to have any clothing?
Other than the standard blue tshirt, no one is required to purchase more team wear. However, we encourage dancers to take part as it’s a great way to show Tide Pride, feel like part of a team/community and represent the place we’re from. It also looks very fabulous to see groups of Rising Tiders in formation!

Malley Sport online store open until August 20

Our first order period for Malley Sport is right now until August 20. The approximate delivery date is October 7. This allows items to arrive before oireachtas and Christmas. We will not be doing another order in 2023.

To order, go to NOTE: a cropped tank top and 3/4 length leggings will be added to the store in the next day or so. If those are of interest, make sure to check back.

Sizing tips:
We reached out to colleagues who use Malley Sport for advice on sizes and fit. All said that sizes fit relatively true to the size guide. However, sizes are close to each other so if you are unsure, we have been advised to go with the larger size as the safer bet. We have also been advised that the tshirts and tank tops are meant to be a snug fit as they are technical wear. If you prefer looser fitting clothing, go up several sizes in those styles. 

You can see the full range of products in the online store. There are female and male fits of most items as well as bags and a unisex baseball top. Please note that each item has a 10 piece minimum order across the school (this applies to overall item, not each individual size).

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