New dance classes for 2024, and 30% discount

 In Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

As a result of our studio’s expansion, we are thrilled to be increasing the amount of training available to dancers, bringing the Rising Tide dance experience closer inline with that of larger Irish dance centres. To celebrate, current Rising Tide Irish dancers that add another day of lessons to their schedule will receive a 30 per cent discount on that new class from now to the end of the current dance year (when paying annual rate). We are extending this discount to the addition of classes that were previously on the schedule but that dancers were not enrolled in. Essentially, any increase in class load is eligible for the discount when registering at the annual rate. Dancers can also swap days if one of the new options is more appealing, however, there is no discount for swaps. 

The following additional core classes are being offered:

  • Tots: Sundays, 10–10:30am (Studio 1)
  • Beginner: Sundays, 10:30–11:15am (Studio 1)
  • Advanced Beginner: Sundays, 11:15am–12:15pm (Studio 1)
    • Remember, Advanced Beginner dancers can also attend the Monday evening beginner class from 5:15–6p.m.
  • Intermediate: Thursdays, 6:30–7:30pm, (Studio 2) plus an intensive (see below)
  • Advanced: Wednesdays, 6–7:30pm, (Studio 2)
  • Championship: Wednesdays, 7:30–9:30pm (Studio 1)
  • Adults (combined): Sundays, 9–10:30am (Studio 2)

Other opportunities include :

  • ACIDC figures prep: Thursdays, 5:15–6pm (Studio 1)
    • Open to dancers in the Advanced Beginner class and higher (including adults and champ) to learn two hands and three hands (and fours, time permitting) for ACIDC. This is a limited series and will run weekly from March 21–April 25.
  • Intermediate feis intensive: Sundays, 12:30–2pm (Studio 2)
    • Open to dancers in Intermediate who are already practicing at home, committed to practicing at least three times per week during this intensive. This class will focus on developing more complex dance skills. This is a limited series and will run weekly from January to ACIDC weekend (and will follow currently established holiday weekends).
  • Open studio: Sundays, 10:30am–12:30pm (Studio 2)
    • Open to all Rising Tide dancers at all levels. Open studio times have been run in the past leading up to competitions or exams but will now become a regular, weekly feature. Open studio is for self-guided practice. A coach will be there to provide supervision and ensure music is shared fairly for those in attendance but they are not there to teach steps etc. Dancers can attend all or some of the session and will be charged according to spending more than, or less than, one hour.
  • Private lessons: Throughout the week. Ad-hoc or recurring lessons available.
    • Private lessons can be 1:1 or 2:1 with a coach. Private lessons are available to dancers at all levels. There will be greater opportunities for lessons with the new studio so dancers have the option to book ad-hoc lessons or recurring weekly ones. Preference will be given to dancers who book a recurring lesson. Please email us if you are interested in private lessons for you/your dancer.
  • Studio rentals: Throughout the week. Ad-hoc or recurring rentals available.
    • Rising Tide dancers are entitled to a special dance studio rental rate. Rentals are allowed anytime the studio is otherwise not in use. Agreements must be signed for rentals each time so please email to book.
  • March Break camps: daily, March 11–15
    • For the first time, we are going to be running March Break camps in 2024. Two camps will be run: one for new/beginner dancers and one for experienced dancers. Details are available on the dance classes page.

All additional classes are now available for registration on Uplifter. If dancers are eligible for the 30 per cent discount, it should automatically apply at check-out. If you want to take a new class instead of a current one, please email us to complete a withdrawal/registration manually. Open studio times can be found under products and should be paid on the day attended. For private lessons and studio rentals, please email.

All new classes will follow the existing list of important dates/cancelled classes. Any discrepancies or new information will be added to the important dates section of the website.

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