COVID-19 safety protocols, February 2022

 In Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

All classes are running at their normally schedule time with the exception of teams class. Teams class resumes as of February 19, 2022.

As of February 11, Rising Tide will be following the current restrictions for amateur sports and arts groups. Our current restrictions are in place until at least phase two of Nova Scotia’s return plan. This means that individual classes do not need to physically distance and masking has gone from required to recommended when distancing cannot be maintained. Coaches will be wearing their mask anytime they cannot distance, and dancers are asked to do the same.

Please not that the video and graphics below are not updated to reflect the change in masking and distancing however all written text reflects our current policies. All other policies referenced in the video and graphics remain in place.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of Rising Tide. We are so thankful to be able to operate and keep dancing.


To help prepare dancers before their first class back, we filmed a walk through video. In addition to watching the video, we encourage parents of younger dancers to talk with them about what to expect before coming back for their first class to help make the new way of doing things easier.

All entering and exiting will take place using the front door.

Dancer only access
Unfortunately, we have to once again restrict building access to dancers and coaches only. Additional family members/guests are not able to enter the building for any amount of time, including to use the washroom or drop dancers off. Tots are an exception and one parent/support can accompany each dancer.

Clean/wait sign
Dancers cannot enter the building until the sign in the window says clean. We will strive to do this at least 5-10 minutes before the start of class time (and earlier for first classes of the day). If the sign reads wait, dancers must wait outdoors or in their vehicles (please remember to avoid parking in other business’ spots). Once the sign is turned to clean, that means a coach is ready and waiting to greet dancers. This coach will ensure that dancers are assigned physically distanced seats and that there is no cross over with another class.

Dancers should arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts; please don’t be late. This will give dancers time to get ready, avoid crossing with another class or missing class time. If dancers do arrive late, they must wait for the previous class to exit. If dancers are late enough that the window sign is flipped back to wait, they should enter and head into class.

Late let-out
Classes that aren’t last of the day will be 5-10 minutes late coming out of the building. To make sure that everyone gets their full lesson time, and that classes don’t cross over, dancers will only be let out of the studio once the class after theirs is in the studio.

When a class finishes, dancers will line up along the mirrors in a physically distanced line. Dancers from the next class will then enter the studio (moving in a physically distanced way) to designated, distanced spots. Once the new class is in place, the former class can then exit the studio and grab their coats etc. A coach will be in place to ensure that everyone gets to their families/cars safely.

Dancer readiness
Dancers should be as ready as possible when they arrive at the studio. The change over at the start/end of classes needs to happen quickly and coaches will have limited time to help dancers with any of their clothing or dance shoes. Consider what dancers are bringing into the building with them, or wearing, and please simplify as much as possible.

Dancers that are unable to put on their own dance shoes should have them on before coming into the building. However, if dancers have their shoes on when outside, they need to wear a boot/croc/slipper over them so salt and dirt do not transfer to the dance studio floor.

Dancer gear
Dancers need to leave their coats and shoes at the seat they are assigned when they arrive and get redressed at the end of class in that same seat. Anything dancers bring into the studio will be kept within their designated dancing box. We recommend dancers consolidate their dancing items into as small a bag as possible (and use a bag if they aren’t already). Dancers need to have their shoes and socks, water bottles, notebooks and tape (where used) with them.

Masking recommended
All dancers and coaches aged two and above are recommended to wear masks for the duration of their time in the building when they cannot distance from others—including dancing. Dancers and coaches may remove their masks when they can maintain distance and the current provincial protocols state that masks may be removed “during an activity that makes it difficult to wear a mask.” Dancers should use their own discretion if activity becomes too hard to stay masked and they are within the space of another dance. If dancers two to four are not cooperative to wear a mask, they are exempt. Coaches are committed to wearing masks anytime they are within close distance of a dancer.

Physical distancing in practice but not protocol
We are no longer mandated to practice physical distancing. However we encourage all dancers and coaches to take space when possible to do so.

Cleaning and sanitizing
Dancers and coaches will be asked to continue sanitizing their hands on arrival and departure and after anytime they touch their face. High-touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

Staying home when sick
If dancers or coaches have any symptoms of illness they should stay away from the studio. As per our payment policy, there are no refunds for missed classes due to illness.

Proof of vaccination
All attendees of Rising Tide are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Those 12+ must provide proof of vaccination. Younger people do not need to show proof but we do require that adults they live with show proof instead. Vaccine documentation will not be stored. Rising Tide will maintain a record of who has provided proof unless otherwise requested not to. This will allow our regular dance families to only show proof once, rather than at each time they attend the studio.

Those needing to show new proof should email it to as soon as possible. If email is not suitable for you, we can also verify at a lesson.

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  • Jennifer walker

    Hi there:
    Im wondering if it’s too late to sign my daughter up for the winter program. She’s shown an interest in Irish dancing.
    She’s 5 and would be a beginner.
    Many thanks,
    Jenn Walker

    • admin

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for reaching out! It definitely isn’t too late but classes are a little tight right now. Please reach out to us by email and we can help sort out how we can get her started.

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